Reckless Productions is dedicated to its goal of fostering highly original concepts, synthesizing these ideas into captivating stories, and employing a consortium of creative talent to bring these stories to life.

Reckless Productions is a film and new media production company that is dedicated to high quality, impactful, and critically recognized story telling that not only entertains but challenges conventional wisdom, seeking to elevate how people view themselves and the world around them.

Whether it be through irreverent narratives, short form viral videos or socially conscious documentaries, Reckless’ primary goal is to entertain while maintaining it’s strong passion to advocate for the greater good. However, Reckless is not naive nor impractical in it’s goals; it is also dedicated to projects that have strong commercial viability, ensuring Reckless’ growth and lasting influence within the industry and throughout society.

Most recently, Reckless produced the acclaimed documentary, “Teenage Paparazzo,” a behind the scenes look at a 13-year-old paparazzo, Austin Visschedyk, and the celebrity obsessed world in which he operates. The film had its world premiere at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and was also distributed by HBO and throughout the world though over 40 international outlets. Reckless’ is also on the cutting edge of exploring new ways to both expose and monetize it’s properties. Teenage Paparazzo is also touring Universities and Town hall venues in the U.S. and Canada engaging a non traditional theatrical distribution model and enjoying continued financial success despite having already been sold in all digital and non digital territories. Reckless is also producing strictly “fun and financial” slate of films such as “Family Slaycation.” which are designed to entertain while make a meaningful impact financially for the company. Reckless’ is proud that its films have enjoyed financial success, critical praise, and much exposure within the marketplace.

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